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JBO Thread
Milling Cutters


an added value for modern CNC machining

Long time life, shortest processing times and an excellent surface quality - these are just three advantages of our solid carbide thread milling cutters, -wide range thread milling cutters, -drill thread milling cutters and indexable thread milling cutters.

Do you need special thread milling cutters? No problem!
We analyze your process of machining and work out a cost and quality optimized solution.

General advantages of thread milling:


  • Threads to different tolerance classes can be produced with same cutter

  • Tool breakage does not necessarily entail scrapping of the workpiece

  • Less power needed for cutting internal threads

  • Short machining times due to high cutting speeds

  • Excellent thread surface finish

  • Short chips, hence no chip problems

  • Right and left hand threads can be produced in blind or through holes by the same cutter

  • Low cutting forces enable threads to be cut in thin wall workpieces

  • Cutting speeds and feeds can be matched individually to workpiece material

  • No change of cutter spindle direction of rotation required

  • No special tapping chucks required, standard chucks suffice

  • Threads can be cut to exact depth

  • Threads can be cut down to near bottom of blind holes

  • Start of thread accurately determined by NC programme



Do you need


No problem!
We analyse your threading and develop an economic and high-quality solution,
which is exactly adjusted to your requirements!



JBOtronic -


To work with thread-milling for our customers
and those who want to be as simple as possible,
we have developed the software JBOtronic.
With JBOtronic the creation of thread milling programmes
for DIN- / Heidenhain-based NC controls conditions
is efficiently possible.


JBOtronic supports you with:


Selection of the most commonly used standard threads
Definition of cylindrical / tapered special threads

Selection of the material and tools
Selection of machine control, machining options & cutting values

Automatic calculation of the NC code

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